Welcome to Elvin Appiah’s Website

Welcome to Elvin Appiah’s Website

Hello, Elvin’s father George Appiah here.

I created this website for young Elvin Appiah primarily to preserve his namesake website address (aka domain name elvinappiah.com) for him so that he will have his own place to share his thoughts with the world when he grows up the moment he’s able to put coherent sentences together.

Right now, young Elvin is old. His big brother Elvis Appiah is 4 years old and has his own website at ElvisAppiah.com. Elvis and Elvin have both checked off all the early childhood developmental milestones, albeit often at their own individual paces 🙂


If it takes a village to raise a child, it will certainly take a nation to raise and empower two great leaders to make a dent in their universes. Find out how you can get involved in raising these two little monkeys jumping on the bed into the Godly fearless leaders and entrepreneurs the world sorely needs.